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Rig Wash & Industrial Oil Cleaners

Caring for oil rigs and gas and oil field service equipment is done for a number of reasons - to improve operations, perform repairs, prevent corrosion, or provide a safer and cleaner environment. Clarkson Supply has serviced the oil and gas industries for many years by providing the best industrial oil cleaners, degreasers and dispersants on the market.

Whether seeking a normal, heavy or severe cleaning product, Clarkson Supply's rig wash products get results. Our rig wash products are non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally-safe and 95% biodegradable.

Clarkson Supply offers products from SuperClean #213, which is ideal for industrial cleaning of oil and grease and can be used as a dispersant in oil clean-up.

Rig cleaning
Clarkson Supply Rig Washing

Clarkson Supply's rig wash products are used to clean:

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