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Floor Scrubbers

Clarkson Supply has the floor scrubbers you need to deal with normal maintenance in small quarters to big messes and large facilities. Clarkson Supply rents and sells a comprehensive line of excellent equipment from Tennant® and provides the exceptional customer service you desire.

One of Clarkson Supply's exciting offerings through Tennant® is the ec-H2O technology. This innovative cleaning technology electrically converts water into a cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety and reduces environmental impact. The ec-H2O system can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water and use up to 70% less water than conventional floor scrubbing methods.

Clarkson Supply also offers other Green Seal® certified options. Tennant's FaST Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology, which uses 90% less cleaning solution and 70% less water than traditional floor-scrubbing methods. FaST foam also improves floor safety by providing greater traction by removing old, slippery detergent residue.

Floor scrubbers from Clarkson Supply come in either walk behind scrubbers or riding scrubbers and options are varied. Some of the floor scrubber product offerings include: