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Carpet Care

Creating a complete carpet care program in your facility will provide a healthful, clean, attractive appearance and maintain the life of your carpeting. Clarkson Supply's trained staff and quality carpet cleaning products will make the creation and implementation of a carpet cleaning plan easy. From a computer-aided plans and easy employee training, to improved safety and Green Seal® certified products, you will be pleased you chose Clarkson Supply.

E8 Freestyle carpet cleaner

To get started a regular vacuuming and maintenance schedule is the key to preventing problems. Clarkson Supply rents and sells excellent vacuums by Host'® and Tennant'® that lift carpet pile and remove more dry dirt than conventional vacuums reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Also, cleaning carpeted stairs or under desks and tables will not be a problem with the versatile products available.

Combined with scheduled deep or chemical extraction cleaning, your facility's carpets will have reduced allergens and a better appearance. Clarkson Supply's carpet cleaning and extraction products cost-effectively extend carpet life by preventing re-soiling, avoiding toxic chemicals, and eliminating downtime with dry extraction cleaning systems.

Clarkson Supply's long-standing commitment to quality products, environmentally friendly options, and exceptional service make the choice easy.

Clarkson Supply provides the following carpet cleaning products: